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Limestone Paving

Limestone is an extremely varied category of natural stone ranging from subtle Cream tones of Portuguese limestone to extremely dense black Indian limestone. We source our limestone paving from quarries in India, Egypt and Portugal offering our customers a broad selection of limestone products. If you are interested in discovering more about our extensive range of natural limestone paving slabs and their availability near you, please take a browse below or contact your local depot to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

where are you located

We have branches across the south coast of England, including Poole in Dorset, Winchester, Tadley, Romsey and Portsmouth in Hampshire. Internal showrooms are available to view in Poole and Portsmouth and External Display are available at Portsmouth, Poole, Winchester and Tadley. 

Please visit our contact page for further information on the following link:    /our-depots

How to lay Limestone paving?

You can lay Limestone paving in the same why you would install any natural stone or porcelain paving products. Basically they should be laid on a full wet bed of mortar over a compacted hardcore base, deep enough for the site conditions. For further reading please follow the link to our tech guide:

Outdoor Installation Guide

We would additionally always recommend using a slurry primer when installing Limestone paving to help bond the slabs and the sub-base together, this will result in a greatly improved installation.

Can you pressure wash Limestone paving?

Limestone paving can be cleaned with a pressure washer, but we would recommend firstly trying soapy water and a stiff brush. If this does not give you the desired results, then move onto a pressure washer. When cleaning with a pressure washer be careful not to get too close to the surface of the stone as this could damage the surface. After pressure washing you many need to apply an additional coat of sealant that could have been removed by the pressure washing.

Does limestone paving need sealing?

We would always recommend that you seal all Limestone paving directly after installation. Ensure that you use a water based impregnating sealer that will still allow the stone to breath and allow for the natural process of efflorescence to take place. Limestone paving is naturally porous, and this must be maintained or you can cause damage to the surface of the stone. Always make sure your paving is completely dry before sealing and that you have at least 24 hours of dry weather ahead after sealing has been completed to allow the sealer to cure.

Is Limestone paving porous?

Limestone is a very varied group of stone all with difference characteristics, but generally limestones are slightly less porous than other natural stones such as Indian Sandstone paving, making them extremely well suited to the UK climate. Stones such as Indian Limestone paving are an extremely dense product with very little porosity, helping reduce maintenance and reducing time needed on up-keep.

Are Limestone paving slabs slippery?

Limestone is a varied range of stones, all with very different characteristics which can affect their slip levels. Each of these products have different finishes which can affect their slipperiness. Smoother finishes will be more slippery and natural riven surfaces will be the least slippery.

However generally limestone paving is not slippery, but care must be taken to select the correct product for your site conditions, more information is available on the link below.

Outdoor Product Selector

Are limestone paving slabs hardwearing?

Limestone is quite a varied range of stones, all with very different characteristics, but generally all limestones are hardwearing especially Indian and Egyptian limestones. They are extremely dense in nature, making them extremely durable. There are softer limestones available, but these are not really suitable for external use and are best used in internal tile installations.

Will my purchased products match the sample?

We always send a representative sample from the current batch of tiles or paving we have in stock, so as long as you requested a sample close to the time of purchasing, this will help to ensure the tiles and paving you receive matches  the sample you have been sent as closely as possible.

All of our products are either natural or porcelain and therefore there  is always scope for variation in shade, colour and to some extent the texture and finish with the natural products and with porcelain there will always be some slight colour variation between different batches, although the surface texture and finish will remain largely the same. 

We would strongly recommend that you visit one of our showrooms or paving displays to look at the current selection, so you can be entirely sure of what you will receive.

Do I need to seal my patio?

Yes, we recommend you seal all sandstone and natural stone paving upon (or shortly after) installation, to ensure it stays looking at it's best for longest. Sealing will help make it resilient to staining and increases it's longevity. We recommend Universeal Hydroseal or for an enhanced look Universeal Ultimate Stone Enhancer

Can I come and collect from you?

Yes. Our opening hours and address are found on the Contact Us page. We have fork-lift trucks for loading onto suitable vehicles at all sites, and staff are always available to help with loading of smaller items. We highly recommend that you call your local branch, before visiting, to confirm the items you wish to collect are available.

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