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Limestone Paving

Limestone is an extremely varied category of natural stone ranging from subtle cream limestone paving tones of Portuguese limestone to extremely dense black Indian limestone. We source our limestone paving from quarries in India, Egypt and Portugal offering our customers a broad selection of limestone products. If you are interested in discovering more about our extensive range of natural limestone paving slabs and their availability near you, please take a browse below or contact your local depot to find out more.

FAQs about Limestone Paving

Is Limestone Safe and Slip-resistant?

Limestone scores very well on standardized slip resistance tests, even when wet, thanks to its texture. The stone's coarseness provides friction to avoid slips.

Does Limestone Require Low Maintenance?

One of the appealing benefits of limestone pavers is that they require relatively low maintenance compared to other natural stones. Limestone's low porosity means it's less prone to absorbing stains and moisture.

Sealing limestone is recommended but optional. A sealant can provide added protection from oil, grease and other staining agents. It also makes cleaning easier. A simple mild soap and water solution is typically adequate for cleaning sealed limestone pavers.

Avoid using acidic cleaners which can damage the limestone surface. Reapplication of the protective sealer is only needed every few years to maintain the barrier. Properly sealed and cleaned limestone can maintain its beautiful appearance with minimal upkeep.

How Durable is Limestone Paving?

One of the key benefits of limestone for paving purposes is its remarkable strength and durability. Thanks to its density and hardwearing properties Limestone has high resistance to heavy load, which enables it to easily withstand heavy foot traffic.

Limestone also has low porosity and water absorption, which allows it to resist damage from exposure to various weather conditions. Rain, snow and other elements will not easily deteriorate properly installed and maintained limestone paving. With proper care, your limestone paving can maintain its integrity and appearance for decades to come.

Limestone paving is a great choice, if you want to feel confident that your paving will stand the test of time.

Why you should choose Natural Limestone Paving Slabs ?

Limestone is one of the most popular stones that is used for outdoor paving applications worldwide. Its natural elegance, durability and wide range of finish options make it an excellent choice for patios, walkways, pool surrounds and various landscapes. Limestone has been utilized for centuries in paving across the globe due to its remarkable strength, slip resistance and resilience against weathering. The amazing look isn't the only thing that Limestone paving can offer, as it has quite a lot of practical advantages

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