Dijon Limestone Pavers

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    Dijon Limestone Pavers Tumbled and Acid Finished

    Available in:

    200 x 50 x 50mm size only

    Additional information

    Weight 100 kg

    Dijon 200 x 50 x 50MM (SOLD PER SQM)

    The shade of the final product will differ compared to the sample you may receive or the images shown on this website, all sandstone paving products have a very large natural colour variation within and between different batches. You must ensure that you are happy with the colour variation of the product you have received before you start laying, as after installation exchange will no longer be possible.

    Ensure that you have all the required material to completely the whole project onsite before commencing any work. Open all your crates at the same time, taking material evenly from each of them. This will ensure you have a good distribution of colours across the whole paved area. DO NOT open one crate at a time using all the material before opening the next, this can result in uneven distribution of colours and can look unsightly.

    Ensure that you lay Tumbled Acid finished limestone pavers, with the finished surface visible, the sawn / rough, unfinished side of the slabs is back and is not the finished surface.

    We recommend that all customers read our product selection, maintenance & installation guides before purchasing.

    Do not use acidic cleaners on natural stone as they can cause permanent, irreparable, damage to the colour and structure of the stone.

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