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Loose Aggregates

We supply a large range of loose decorative and construction aggregates from our Romsey Depot (W H Berry and Son) delivered throughout southern England by our fleet of quality tipper trucks.

Decorative and Construction Aggregates

W H Berry & Son (Romsey Depot) specialise in the supply and delivery of a full range of loose aggregate materials across Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. Our extensive range of materials includes all types of Building Sand, Ballasts, top soils and Shingles, Decorate chippings and much more.

Celebrating our 100th year in 2021, our friendly team of experts will help you select the correct material and quantity for your project. Our helpful advice will include guidance on the often complex area of measurements and conversions.

Once the correct material and quantity has been established, we will provide any day delivery in one of our high quality tipper trucks. With a team of friendly and professional drivers, we guarantee to provide safe and prompt delivery of all materials to your location.

Contact us to check if we deliver to you and the delivery rates to your location.

(delivery area shown below on map is approximate)

Delivering throughout Southern England, Call Romsey Depot for details

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Decorative Loose Aggregates


Cotswold Chippings

20mm Cotswold Drivesafe chippings are a creamy buff coloured limestone, angular in shape. Because it is a slightly softer stone the edges tend to snap encouraging it to lock into itself, providing a tight bound finish unlike loose shingle. Suitable for Driveways, paths and used a decorative stone within landscape designs.


Mendip Chippings

Mendip Chippings offer a very hardwearing and attractive finish to your landscaping project or driveway. We supply our Mendip chippings in 20mm size which lock well together and are proven to last the test of time.
Perfect for decorative borders, pathways, water features and driveways. With a Predominantly dark Grey Colour range they look great against contemporary cladding and windows.


Purbeck Chippings

Purbeck Chippings offer a hardwearing and attractive finish to your landscaping project or driveway. With Colour ranging from Creams into Greys they look great in both modern and traditional settings. We supply our Purbeck chippings in 20mm size which lock well together and are proven to last the test of time. Perfect for decorative borders, pathways, water features and driveways.

Silver Grey Granite

Silver Grey Granite Chippings

The pale grey and silver tones within our silver grey granite chippings create a contemporary crisp and bright solution for driveways, borders and paths. We supply our silver granite chippings in a 14mm size which lock well together and are proven to last the test of time. They are perfect for decorative borders, pathways, water features and driveways.

Dove Grey

Dove Grey Chippings

Dove Grey chippings have become increasingly popular over the last few years with a change in fashions towards a grey tonal pallet. The light to mid grey tones within this product work perfectly with more contemporary projects. When wet Dove Grey will have dark grey appearance with light grey into white when dry. We supply our Dove Grey chippings in 20mm size which lock well together and are proven to last the test of time. Perfect for decorative borders, pathways, water features and driveways.

Black Granite

Black Granite Chippings

Black Granite chipping are set to become the must have decorative aggregate over the coming years. It offers a truly bold statement within your garden landscaping or driveway. Black granite is a mid to dark grey colour when dry and a beautiful black colour when wet. We supply our black granite chippings in a 20mm size which locks well together and is proven to last the test of time. Perfect for decorative borders, pathways, water features and driveways.

Plum Slate

Plum Slate chippings

One of our most popular decorative aggregates they are supplied graded to 40mm in size. Plum slate is a versatile product that works well on beds, borders, paths or for any other decorative landscape application, helping create a vivid splash of colour that will completement and enhance any garden.

Construction Loose Aggregates

Building Sand

Building Sand

Sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. A 0-2 mm screened building sand with a clay content of 10% is widely used for mixing with cement to make mortar for bricklaying. Most building sands are not washed but only screened. The colour and texture varies,depending on the region it is sourced from. We supply as many as thirty different sands. Application/uses: mortar.

Concreting Sand

Concreting Sand

Concreting sand is a course aggregate for the production of concrete of predictable high strength and durability with uniform appearance. Applications/uses: floor sands, block paving and horticultural purposes.

Washed Plast Sand

Washed Plast Sand

Washed sands are 99% silica lignite free and suitable for external rendering. Since the product is washed and classified it is free from clay and silts and will not crack in the frost.



Shingle consists of various angular and rounded stones that have been washed to remove fines and passed over various screens to produce the size required. Sizes range from 6mm, 10mm, 20mm, 40mm and 40mm plus. There are many colour variations depending on the area of extraction. Applications/uses: driveways, pathways, pipe bedding and hard landscaping.



Consists of a mixture of sand and gravel to create a course aggregate, 20mm ballast is the standard aggregate for mixing concrete. Widely used in construction and domestic applications. For a finer finish a 10mm ballast can be used. Applications/uses: concrete floors, slabs, foundations.

Recycled Material

Recycled Material

Recycled aggregates are produced from demolition material, then crushed, screened and/or washed. Can provide cost saving over primary aggregates. Application/uses: road making, drainage, pipe bedding

crushed concrete

Recycled Crushed Concrete

Recycled crushed concrete is defined as recycled aggregate principally comprising crushed concrete derived from the demolition industry. Careful selection is necessary, so quality can vary markedly. Application/uses: road making, sub-bases.

Playpit Sand

Playpit Sand

100% natural, silvery fine, soft sand suitable for childrens play areas as a play surface or activity areas or sand pits. Also used for equestrian purposes. Since it is washed and a neutral colour it does not stain clothing.

Wood Bark

Wood Bark

This is a popular amenity pine woodbark that we collect from a saw mill. There is huge variety available including playground bark and ornamental. We also supply wood chips for garden paths.



Hoggin is an "as dug gravel" ie. dug and loaded straight onto a lorry without any screening or washing process. It often contains stones as large as 125mm and is a mixture of gravel, sand, silt and clay. Compacts to produce a hard wearing surface. It is ginger in colour but fades with weathering. Applications/uses: road-building, sub-bases.

Path Gravel

Red Binding Path Gravel

A traditional 30mm clay bound gravel that is produced by screening hoggin. It has been produced in Hampshire for many years and provides an attractive well compacted finish. Applications/uses: pathways, drives.



Often confused with Type 1, scalpings are supplied in 40mm and 75mm sizes. It must be stressed that it is sold as a waste product and as a result quality can vary hugely. In contrast to Type 1, scalpings has a higher clay content that in adverse weather conditions can prove troublesome. However, it binds its stones better than Type 1 which is a benefit under loose shingles. Applications/uses: road building, parking areas, pot holes.



Often referred to as MoT Type 1, is a Department of Transport approved granular sub-base. Type 1 can be derived from other rocks such as Granite or Basalt. It is very stable and in wet weather conditions will let water drain through it. Application/uses: sub-base for Tarmac, block paving and general road building.

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