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Natural Stone Tiles


We offer a comprehensive range of contemporary natural stone tiles that offer the classic elegance of natural stone with a modern twist. All the tiles in this range will work perfect in creating a modern feeling interior, whether that interiors is in a recently built, ultra modern house or an older property where a modern feel is required, our range of sawn straight edged, honed, polished and brushed travertine, marble and limestone natural tiles will work perfectly in almost all settings. To discovering more about our range of contemporary natural stone tiles and their availability near you, please take a browse below or contact your local depot to find out more.

Key Features of Natural Stone Tiles


Ease of Maintenance: It isn’t difficult to maintain natural stone tiles. All that you need to prevent staining and any damage are — proper sealing and cleaning from time to time.

Durability and Longevity: Great resistance to wear and tear is also one of the strong points of natural stone tiles. You shouldn't encounter any issues with their durability. Natural stone tiles were used for centuries, and they continue to stand the test of time.

Natural Beauty and colours: Natural stone tiles are known for their natural beauty, great colour range, and uniqueness. There are no two stone tiles that are exactly alike, which creates an original look in your interior.

FAQs about Natural Stone Tiles


Do you offer custom cutting or sizing for natural stone tiles?

No, we no longer offer a custom cutting service on Natural Stone tiles ourselves, but we have a local stone mason we work closely with, and we are happy to provide their details on request.

How do I choose the right type of natural stone for my project?

Choosing the right natural stone tiles depends on factors like your personal taste, where you plan to use the stone, and your budget. However, if you are still not sure which to choose, then feel free to contact our experts in one of our depots:

  • Portsmouth — 02392652923
  • Poole — 01202736629

What is the lead time for ordering natural stone tiles?

General all Natural Stone tiles are stocked in our Portsmouth branch and available for immediate collection or can be delivered within a couple of days anywhere in the UK, please always contact us for current stock levels.

What is the difference between various stone finishes (e.g., polished, honed, textured)?

Stone finishes affect the appearance and texture of the tiles. Polished finishes have a glossy appearance, while honed finishes are smooth and matte. Textured finishes can provide a more rustic or slip-resistant surface.

Can I use underfloor heating with natural stone tiles?

Yes, natural stone tiles can be used with underfloor heating systems. However, it's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation to prevent thermal shock. Consult with a professional installer for specific recommendations.

What is the best way to clean and maintain natural stone tiles?

To clean and maintain natural stone tiles, use a pH-neutral stone cleaner and a soft mop or cloth. Acidic and abrasive cleaners are forbidden to use as they will damage the structure and colour of the stone.

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