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Universeal HydroSeal H<sup>2</sup>0 Patio Sealant | Natural Stone and Timber
Universeal HydroSeal H<sup>2</sup>0 Patio Sealant

Universeal HydroSeal H20 Patio Sealant

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Product Description

Universeal Hydroseal is a solvent free water-based impregnator that penetrates the surface of the stone to protect against oil and water-based stains. Universeal Hydroseal can be applied to grout, travertine, tumbled marble, pavers, limestone, slate, quarry tiles, sandstone & all types of masonry surfaces. This product is UV resistant and does not yellow and can be applied to new installations as soon as 12 hours after completion. 

For best results we recommend spray application.

Supplied in 5LT bottles and suitable for use on all types of natural stone & masonry surfaces. Each 5LT bottle will cover approximately 30 - 40sqm.

Special Features

  • Does not change colour or alter the natural look
  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly


This product is not recommended for use on highly polished, glazed/ceramic, and non-porous surfaces.

The denser the stone the less sealant will need to be used and the thinner and more carfeul it will need to be applied/

Always apply the sealant to a small test piece of the paving material being installed, this is to ensure you are happy with the colour and finish of the sealant, once this has dried and you are happy with the results you can then apply to the laid paving surface.

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