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Scottish Glacial Boulders (Each)

Scottish Glacial Boulders (Each)

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We will only supply a maximum of 1 Sample per product
Only 2 Samples available in total per customer
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Product Description

Our Scottish boulders are quarried from a site deep within the forests of Morayshire. These ancient forests grow on land that once formed the pre-historic coast of northern Scotland. These beautiful boulders have been fashioned over millions of years by the tireless motion of the Moray Firth and River Spey.

Each boulder is unique, displaying its character through pleasing variations in colour, shape and texture. In a spectrum from sparkling white to jade black, encompassing perfectly smooth spheres through to textured ovoid's.

Boulders supplied in and indicative size of 200-300mm but this can vary greatly.

Supplied individually or per 1 Tonne bulk bag

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