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Aran - Dutch Clay Pavers
Dutch Clay Pavers Aran
Aran - Dutch Clay Pavers
Aran - Dutch Clay Pavers
Herringbone Dutch Clay Paver Driveway
Aran - Dutch Clay Pavers
Aran - Dutch Clay Pavers
Clay Paver Patio & pathways

Aran - Dutch Clay Pavers

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Our Aran (Romy) Dutch Clay Pavers have the perfect blend of tones to create a beautifully harmonious colour palette working perfectly in more traditional classic garden designs schemes. 

Genuine Dutch Clay Pavers can add a true sense of authenticity and class to any patio, pathway or drive, this paving products work in both contemporary and traditional setting and can be laid in a wide range of interesting patterns. Clay pavers are a truly versatile product allowing the creation of many geometric designs and curves without the need for extensive cutting or difficult laying techniques.

Follow the below link to view a range of laying patterns for Dutch Clay Pavers:

Dutch Clay Pavers Laying Pattern

These Clay Pavers have a tumbled edge with a sanded face for a unique and distinctive surface finish, the tumbling process means these products will contain small chips on all edges.

Due to the high temperatures that these clay pavers are produced they have a very low water absorption and are fade resistance and naturally low maintenance. If you're looking for a durable, beautiful product that will enhance your home and garden, and that will look great for many decades to come, look no further than Genuine Dutch Clay Pavers from Natural Stone and Timber.

Paver Dimensions: L200 x W50 x H65mm

100 Pavers = 1m2

All Clay pavers have a size tolerance of + or - 6mm length (L), + or - 3mm width (w), + or - 4mm Height (H)

Do clay pavers need to be sealed?

Although Dutch Clay pavers are a porous product, meaning they can absorb moisture and dirt, they are colour fast and do not fade over time, so we would not normally recommend sealing, as it would have very limited benefits and unlikely to improve longevity. We would just recommend some annual cleaning to keep them looking at their best.

Are clay pavers suitable for driveways?

Dutch Clay Pavers are perfectly suited to all driveway applications, due to their ability to withstand heavy loads. Clay pavers are made from natural riverbed clay, which produces a dense and sturdy brick that can last a full century with ease.

Are Dutch clay pavers any good?

Genuine Dutch Clay pavers are an excellent paving material suitable for a vast range of landscaping installations. These brick pavers have been used for centuries across Europe and have proven to be a versatile and attractive product for both commercial and domestic landscaping applications.

How long do Dutch Clay Pavers last?

Dutch Clay pavers are known for their durability and can have a life span of over 100 years.

Do I need to leave space between Dutch Clay pavers?

Yes, you will need to leave a gap of between 2-4mm between each of the Clay Pavers, this will help bond the pavers together when compacted.

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