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Ottocento Decoro Mix Talco Porcelain Tiles | Natural Stone and Timber
Ottocento Decoro Mix Talco Porcelain Tiles
Ottocento Decoro Mix Talco Porcelain Tiles
Ottocento Decoro Mix Talco Porcelain Tiles
Ottocento Decoro Mix Talco Porcelain Tiles
Ottocento Decoro Mix Talco Porcelain Tiles

Ottocento Decoro Mix Talco Porcelain Tiles

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Mix Talco

Used on floors and walls, for bathrooms, kitchens or as feature walls, Ottocento mixed tiles will transformed your home with a striking visual affect creating a fresh interpretation of the contemporary taste.

The Talco Mix provides a cool selection of shades and patterns with a selection of eight decorative patterns mixed into each pack.


When you select these tiles you are taking a journey into the Cement Tile decorative tradition. The collection's design originates from the cement tiles which date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when the need arose for a hard-wearing, easily installed, attractively decorated product. As the name suggests, Cement Tiles were made from a mixture of cement, sand and water, poured into the mould and then pressed, using a new method for producing tiles without firing.

Our range of Porcelain tiles capture the feel and style of these traditional tiles but with all the benefits of a modern hardwearing porcelain tile.


Tactile evocation with a strong personality Ottocento is a collection of tiles in the 20x20 cm size with tumbled[1]finish edges created on the production line, which recalls the retro

look of old, salvaged "cement tiles", for inclusion in interiors in eclectic style, part traditional and part modern.

Used on floors, on the walls of bathrooms or kitchens, transformed into decorative panels or as a worktop finish, their applications are endless and provide striking visual effects. 2 mixes alternate different

decorative motifs in warm or cool shades provide the potential for decorated carpets in a perfect match with the intense, dusty solid colours, creating fresh interpretations in contemporary taste.


The collections looks great with distressed, industrial-look or boho chic furnishings, young, modern design schemes where colour is important, or with the sweet, timeless simplicity of romantic interiors

in the Provençal style, with a new decorative minimalism that brings classic taste up to date.

A hard wearing porcelain tile suitable for wall & floor application both internally and externally.

where are you located

We have branches across the south coast of England, including Poole in Dorset, Winchester, Tadley, Romsey and Portsmouth in Hampshire. Internal showrooms are available to view in Poole and Portsmouth and External Display are available at Portsmouth, Poole, Winchester and Tadley. 

Please visit our contact page for further information on the following link:    /our-depots

Will my purchased products match the sample?

We always send a representative sample from the current batch of tiles or paving we have in stock, so as long as you requested a sample close to the time of purchasing, this will help to ensure the tiles and paving you receive matches  the sample you have been sent as closely as possible.

All of our products are either natural or porcelain and therefore there  is always scope for variation in shade, colour and to some extent the texture and finish with the natural products and with porcelain there will always be some slight colour variation between different batches, although the surface texture and finish will remain largely the same. 

We would strongly recommend that you visit one of our showrooms or paving displays to look at the current selection, so you can be entirely sure of what you will receive.

Can I come and collect from you?

Yes. Our opening hours and address are found on the Contact Us page. We have fork-lift trucks for loading onto suitable vehicles at all sites, and staff are always available to help with loading of smaller items. We highly recommend that you call your local branch, before visiting, to confirm the items you wish to collect are available.

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