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New Clean 60

New Clean 60

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Product Description

New Clean 60 is a high performance patio and path outdoor cleaner. Within just 60 minutes, and without agitation, it will eliminate layers of grime, dirt and lichen from your stone. With a bit of brushing and a pressure spray, your patio will be good as new!

Suitable for all outdoor stone & masonry surfaces
Perfect results in 60 minutes, even removes stubborn black lichen spots!

New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner also contains a biocide that helps to eliminate organic matter between slabs and grout, such as weeds, moss, leaf mulch etc. Take care with your lawn and remember to wash off the cleaner thoroughly at the end of the cleaning process to minimise impact to your grass. Most marks, grime and dirt will disappear with only one application of New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner, however depending on the age and condition of your patio a second application may be necessary to give you the “good as new” look.

Supplied in 5LT bottles

Do not allow this product to get on your clothes or be transferred into your house, it will damage and discolour any soft materials.

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