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Glace - Muschio
Glazed Italian Porcelain Tiles
Glace - Muschio
Glace - Muschio
Glace Italian Porcelain Tiles
Glace - Muschio
Glace - Muschio
Plain Glace Porcelain Tiles
Glace - Muschio
Glace - Muschio
Glace - Muschio
Glace - Muschio
Patterned Glace Porcelain Splash Back

Glace - Muschio

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The Glace Porcelain collection inspired by extruded bricks . The collection consists of five neutral shades and one accent colour (Turchese) in plain and 3D effect. The product is coloured in clay tones to simulate the absence of glaze, along the edges and in very small areas you find undulations and irregular movements within the pieces , as in the inspiration products.

These tiles are non rectified, pressed with extremely straight edges together with handcrafted appearance, slight movements have been inserted along the side of the tiles to break up the rigidity of the perfectly rectangular shape. Tho emphasise the irregularities of the surface, Subline sync technology has been used , to create some small cut , chips on the surface that are enriched with a graphic mark to emphasises their three dimensionality. 

The plain tile is made up of 30 different graphics across 11 different structures.

Available in the following size:

75mm x 200mm x 10mm 

The 3D structure , has more or less wide and deep grooves for a barcode effect. The surface is glossy on the ridges and matt on the depressions , the difference in glazes highlights the dual nature of the substrate, smooth and soft at the ridges, rough and sandblasted in the depressions.

All Glace porcelain tiles are suitable for walls in all residential rooms and floors in residential bathrooms.

Colour Variations
  • Full colour variations - plain
  • Full colour variations - plain
    Full colour variations - plain
  • Full Colour variations - patterned
  • Full Colour variations - patterned
    Full Colour variations - patterned
What does glazed porcelain tiles mean?

Glazed porcelain tiles have had a layer of silica (glass) applied to the surface during the manufacturing process. This is then fired at the same time as the tile body, creating a glazed glossy surface over the tile face.

How to cut glazed porcelain tile without chipping?

To cut Porcelain tiles without chipping them, it is best to use a diamond blade specifically manufactured for porcelain, and preferably a good quality cut tile bench or 4 ½ inch angle grinder, ideally with water feed machinery to reduce the amount of dust produced and to provide a successful cut through the tiles.

How to clean glazed porcelain tile?

Daily cleaning is important, wipe up any spills immediately and sweep floors every day with soft broom to stop any build-up of dirt. Mop Porcelain tiles weekly with clean water and gentle cleaner at the recommend ratio shown on the bottle. For walls we would recommend using the same process but with a clean damp cloth. This is an excellent way to prevent build-up of dirt and debris and keep your natural stone tiles looking perfect.

Are polished porcelain tiles slippery?

You will find that all polished tiles are more slippery by their very nature than other finishes such natural matt or honed tiles, but if you take care walking on them in wet conditions, they are still suitable for most areas of the home. All major tile manufacturers will have technical data sheets, that state the slip rating of their tiles, you need a COF (Coefficient of Friction) of 6 or better to be slip resistant enough for a floor.

What are polished Porcelain tiles?

The polished surface on Porcelain tiles is made by grinding the surface of the tile with a diamond disk with a grit of 800 and over. This is undertaken at the end of the production line after the tiles have been fired and rectified and just before packaging.

Which is better glazed or unglazed porcelain tile to clean?

Glazed porcelain tiles are extremely easy to keep clean, due to their non-porous nature and shiny surface, but with proper care, unglazed and textured porcelain tiles can be maintained without anything more than regular maintenance.

What is the difference between porcelain and glazed porcelain?

Porcelain will normally have a matt or polished surface that is mechanically applied after printing and firing. Glazed porcelain tiles have a layer of silica applied to their surface and are fired for a second time to achieve a glossy surface finish.

How are patterned tiles made?

The pattern of decorative porcelain tiles is applied during the printing process after the tile body has dried out fully and just before the tile enters the kiln for final firing.

Where are you located?

We have branches across the South Coast of England, including Poole in Dorset, Winchester, Tadley, Romsey and Portsmouth in Hampshire. Internal showrooms are available to view in Poole and Portsmouth and external displays are available at Portsmouth, Poole, Winchester and Tadley. 

Please visit our contact page for further information on the following link:    /our-depots

Will my purchased products match the sample?

We always send a representative sample from the current batch of tiles or paving we have in stock, so as long as you requested a sample close to the time of purchasing, this will help to ensure the tiles and paving you receive matches  the sample you have been sent as closely as possible.

All of our products are either natural or porcelain and therefore there  is always scope for variation in shade, colour and to some extent the texture and finish with the natural products and with porcelain there will always be some slight colour variation between different batches, although the surface texture and finish will remain largely the same. 

We would strongly recommend that you visit one of our showrooms or paving displays to look at the current selection, so you can be entirely sure of what you will receive.

Do you stock Adhesive, Grout and Sealant?

Yes. We have a full range of Tile Adhesives and Grouts for use by professional tilers and DIY'ers alike as well as a full range of Sealants and Cleaners

Can I come and collect from you?

Yes. Our opening hours and address are found on the Contact Us page. We have fork-lift trucks for loading onto suitable vehicles at all sites, and staff are always available to help with loading of smaller items. We highly recommend that you call your local branch, before visiting, to confirm the items you wish to collect are available.

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