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Dural Durabase CI

Dural Durabase CI

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Product Description

Durabase CI Matting is a versatile matting system for the decoupling of floor tiles from unstable surfaces. Perfect for use in areas where the floor to be tiled onto is cracking or freshly screeded. It acts as a transitional layer between the floor and tiles creating a barrier to protect against cracks and settling movement. It also has a great effect on areas with water based underfloor heating systems, where, if installed correctly will disperse the heat evenly through the tiles as well as absorbing any expansion caused by the change of temperature.

Suitable for use on concrete screeds, plywood or chipboard, floor boards and cement or hot screeds. It can withstand a huge amount of stress and compression, meaning it will provide you with a system that once installed will give you peace of mind and be trouble free for years to come.

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