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Burdur Tumbled Marble | Natural Stone and Timber
Burdur Tumbled Marble
Burdur Tumbled Marble
Burdur Tumbled Marble

Burdur Tumbled Marble

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We will only supply a maximum of 1 Sample per product
Only 2 Samples available in total per customer
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Product Description

The Burdur Marble has light cream tones and occasional veining which can give a feeling of sophistication and luxury. These tiles exude class and glamour. Tumbled to give a more rustic and softer finish and with interesting subtle veining, our Burdur Marble is an excellent choice for many high end installations.

Used often in barn conversions and where a 'country kitchen' look is sought it is an excellent choice for rooms where natural light needs to be maximised as its light shades lift the atmosphere in a room. Seen in designer homes and hotels, often it is a look people wish to recreate in their own home, and as such a workable tile it is something that can easily be incorporated into any design.

Burdur Marble Tumbled tiles are available in the following size: Opus Pattern x 12mm

  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Consistent colour with light patination
  • Soft tumbled surface and edges
  • Superb quality

We would always recommend cutting marble tiles using a small angle grinder with a high quality Diamond blade suitable for hard natural stone products, these tiles are not suitable for DIY installation.

Please note: The shade of the final product will differ compared to the sample you may receive due to large natural variations of colours within this product. We recommend that all customers read our product selection, maintenance & installation guides before purchasing.

Internal Displays are available to view at our Portsmouth and Poole Branches Only

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