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Black Slate - Natural Stone Wall Cladding
Black Slate Wall Cladding Panels
Black Slate - Natural Stone Wall Cladding
Black Slate - Natural Stone Wall Cladding
Natural Black Slate Wall Cladding Tiles

Black Slate - Natural Stone Wall Cladding

+ VAT Per m2

We will only supply a maximum of 1 Sample per product
Only 2 Samples available in total per customer
For more information please Contact Us or use our Sample Order Form


Black Slate - Natural Stone wall cladding panels, offer a cost affective and attractive way to cladding all interior & exterior surfaces.

These low maintenance cladding panels can be used to enhance the appearance of concrete block retaining & feature walls a great alternative to sand & cement render that can become dirty and unsightly within a few years.

All interlocking cladding panels must be fixed using flexible tile adhesive.

Available in the following size:

600 x 150 x 10-20mm

1 panels = 0.09 sqm each (11 per sqm approximately)

Product Guidance

Please note the shade of the final product could differ slightly compared to the sample you may receive due to slight batch variation. You must ensure that you are happy with the colour variation of the product you have received before you start laying, as after installation exchange will no longer be possible.

Ensure that you have all the required material to completely the whole project onsite before commencing any work. Open all your crates at the same time, taking material evenly from each of them. This will ensure you have a good distribution of colours across the whole paved area. DO NOT open one crate at a time using all the material before opening the next, this can result in uneven distribution of colours and can look unsightly.

We recommend that all customers read our product selection, maintenance & installation guides before purchasing.

Within black slate you can occasionally find deposits of iron pyrite (fools gold) these present themselves as gold deposits inside and on the surface of the stone, if you are not happy with the appearance of theses panels, do not laying them, you are welcome to return any of these to your local branch to be swapped, after installation, it is no longer the responsibility of Natural Stone and Timber Ltd and replacements will no longer be possible.

Do not use acidic cleaners on natural stone as they can cause permanent, irreparable, damage to the colour and structure of the stone.

Do you need to seal Natural Stone cladding?

It is important to seal all natural stone products, especially when being used externally, which is generally the case with Cladding panels. We would recommend using two coats Hydroseal from Universeal, this will help prevent dirt ingress and work as a barrier to protect your stone cladding, which will greatly reduce the maintenance needed to keep your cladding in great condition. 

What is the best adhesive for exterior stone cladding panels?

All Natural Stone Wall Cladding Panels should be installed with a rapid setting, flexible tiles adhesive, that has been formulated for natural stone installation. If your wall cladding is to be installed outside, ensure your adhesive is suitable for exterior applications. We would always recommend using Ultra Tile - ProFlex SP in a colour to match your chosen panels which is available from all NST branches.

How long do wall cladding panels typically last?

With proper maintenance, quality natural stone wall panels can last 20-30 years or more.

Can I install wall cladding panels myself?

In some cases, it is possible to do it on your own, but we personally recommend hiring a

professional for this job.

How do I choose the right cladding for my garden?

Consider your desired aesthetic, the existing landscape, and the overall theme of your outdoor

space. Our diverse range ensures you'll find a perfect match for your vision.

Can wall cladding be used outdoors?

Yes, our collection includes outdoor-specific wall cladding panels designed to withstand various

weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability.

What is wall cladding?

Wall cladding involves applying a layer of material to an existing wall for both aesthetic and protective purposes. It adds visual appeal while shielding the surface from external elements.

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