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Amenity Bark | Natural Stone and Timber
Amenity Bark
Amenity Bark Chips

Amenity Bark

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Amenity bark mulch provides an attractive finish to your beds and borders. It helps to reduce weed growth and reduces water loss during the summer months at the same time provides insulation for plants in the colder conditions.  

Suitable for both commercial and domestic projects. Amenity bark offers a cost effective and attractive finish to your project. 

Supplied in bulk bags with approximately 0.6 m3 per bag 

One bulk bag will cover approximately 12-15 sqm at 40mm depth


  • Conserves moisture in the soil, helping reduce drought stress and reducing the need for watering in the hotter months.
  • Helps provide an insulating layer which reducing the effects of freezing and thawing and keeps the soil cooler in the summer months.
  • It slowly breaks down, improving the soils organic content, which helps plant growth.
  • Reduces the need to use plastic weed suppressant membranes, which can be harmful to the environment.
  • installation is extremely quick and easy.
  • reduces the need for chemical weed killers.

This material is also available Loose from our Romsey Site Please call 01794 322908 

where are you located

We have branches across the south coast of England, including Poole in Dorset, Winchester, Tadley, Romsey and Portsmouth in Hampshire. Internal showrooms are available to view in Poole and Portsmouth and External Display are available at Portsmouth, Poole, Winchester and Tadley. 

Please visit our contact page for further information on the following link:    /our-depots

Do I need to put anything under bark chips?

It is really a personal choice whether you want to use a membrane under bark chips. This will reduce maintenance by suppressing the weeds further, but you will have future issues on the disposal of these membranes when they reach the end of their useful life. They can also look unsightly quickly after installation especially is you do not have enough bark chips to fully cover and protect this membrane.

How long do Bark chips last?

Bark chips can last a surprisingly long time as long a good material has been used. If they are well maintained and in sufficient quantity, you could expect them to last anything up to 5 years before starting to breakdown into the soil.

What size aggregate is best for my driveway?

We would always recommend using aggregates of either 14mm or 20mm in size for a domestic driveway, anything larger can be get flicked up to cars which can cause damage to bodywork, and anything small can be difficult to walk on and will get stuck in your shoes or car tyres.

What the difference between shingle and gravel?

They are basically the same thing, in the UK small rounded and angular stone quarried or dredged from the sea and called either shingle or gravel.

What depth should garden gravel be?

As a rule of thumb, you are going to need at least twice the depth of the chipping of gravel size. So, for 20mm chippings you are going to need at least 40mm depth to stop the base material showing through after time. Generally we would recommend going slightly deeper than this to ensure good coverage, but don’t go deeper than needed especially on small shingles / gravel such as 10mm which will be like walking on Brighton beach if used deeper than 40mm.

What do you put under stone chippings?

Using a weed suppressant membrane can greatly reduce the chances of movement under your stone chippings. It will also help reduce maintenance and keep you path or driveway looking better for longer. You must consider the environmental impact of using a plastic membrane in your garden and always consider careful if it's really needed.

Can I come and collect from you?

Yes. Our opening hours and address are found on the Contact Us page. We have fork-lift trucks for loading onto suitable vehicles at all sites, and staff are always available to help with loading of smaller items. We highly recommend that you call your local branch, before visiting, to confirm the items you wish to collect are available.

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