Winchester Paving Display Renovation – Part 2

We have almost finished the full renovation of our Winchester Paving Display. The last few sign written slabs need to be installed. The whole paving display will be pointed with either Premjoint for the natural stone or Flowpoint Smooth for the Porcelain paving. Both these pointing products are available to purchase in any of our branches and offer what we believe to be the best trade quality pointing solutions available anywhere in the UK today.

We have fenced the whole display area with Larch Screening battens, that offer a beautiful and extremely durable fencing solution.  These will be available from all Natural Stone and Timber Branches within the next few months, please call your local NST for more information.

When the pointing has been finished we are going add a three Gabion cages between the pergola posts, these will be transformed into benches by adding a handmade oak bench to the top of each. This will give our customers somewhere to sit and relax, so they can fully visualise the excellent range of Hard landscaping material available through our Winchester branch.

Over the coming days the paving display area will be completed and fully open to the public again, we look forward to welcoming new and existing customers to our new and improved facility.