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Why Porcelain Paving Is The Right Choice For Your Garden Slabs

This is the second of our series of blogs on Porcelain Paving, I would like to clear up some of the common misconceptions of purchasing porcelain paving slabs. I think the best way to help potential customers have a better understand of what they are purchasing would be to answer the top ten questions we continually get asked about our Porcelain Paving products, through our website and from people visiting our branches. 

Q. Are Porcelain Paving slabs slippery ?

A. All paving that is used within the UK must be R11 split rated to meet the current British standard for paving materials. All our Porcelain Paving products have all been tested and meet or exceed these standards, Technical Data Sheets are available to view for all porcelain paving products, just follow the link on the product pages.

Q. Are Porcelain Paving slabs expensive ?

A. Porcelain paving has become very competitively priced within the UK market, with a high quality Polish or Italian Porcelain product priced competitively against inferior imported porcelain and natural stone products. We would always recommend installing the best possible Porcelain Paving slabs you can afford as the actual costs of the paving materials itself, is only a fraction of the overall installation costs and is the thing you will be left looking at for many years to come..

Q. Is Porcelain Paving hard to lay ?

A. Porcelain paving is a very hard and precisely manufactured products, so some additional knowledge is needed to handle this material correctly, but any well experienced landscape contractor with the correct tools will not have any problems installing any of our products.

Q. Is Porcelain Paving any good ?

A. Yes we believe we offer the best possible quality Porcelain paving that will far exceed any domestic requirements and will, if correctly installed, last for decades without requiring anything but general cleaning and maintenance.

Q. Are Porcelain Paving slabs low maintenance ?

A. Yes Porcelain slabs are incredibly low maintenance, they have very low porosity of 0.5% minimising dirt penetration into the surface meaning in normal situations no more than a general clean will ever be necessary.

Q. Does Porcelain scratch easily ?

A. No Porcelain Paving does not scratch easily, it is an extremely dense material that is very hard to damage once installed. If the surface of Porcelain is damaged or scratch it is not possible to repair, so we would also recommend keeping a couple of extra slabs hidden in your garden just in case of future problems.

Q. Does Porcelain stain ?

A. It's is possible to stain Porcelain Paving but it's very difficult due to it very low porosity, porcelain paving can be sealed to further help to prevent staining in areas prone to spillages

Q. Can you seal Porcelain Paving ?

A. Yes it can be advisable to seal Porcelain Paving, this will further reduce porosity and keep any maintenance to an absolute minimum.

Q. Can you cut Porcelain Paving ?

A. Yes our Porcelain Paving can be cut easily, but you will require a very good quality diamond blade made especially for porcelain. European Porcelain paving cuts a lot better than India and Chinese porcelain due to the improved production processes making them less brittle and prone to chipping.

Q. Do Porcelain Paving slabs Fade ?

A. As a rule of thumb no porcelain paving slabs do not fade, but over very long periods of time in sunny areas and with considerable weathering you could expect to see some slight changes to the appearance of the surface of the slabs.

If you require any further information regarding porcelain paving please get in touch with one of your local branches through the contact us pages on this website, and we will do our best to answer your questions.

The NST team

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