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why choose granite paving


Granite paving has become one of our best selling paving slabs currently available in the UK market and in the below article we would like to give you some idea why this has become the case. For centuries people have been using granite in different forms as a paving material, but in more recent years larger format paving slabs have come onto the market, they offer the same excellent product but now more suited to domestic setting.

granite pavement high street

Granite used for high street pavement.


Granite paving is an extremely dense product making it long-lasting and resilient to damage, it has been used for centuries in commercial and public spaces, so in a domestic setting it copes easily with the day to day, wear and tear of everyday life. Perfect for children's play areas, resistant to damage by garden furniture and very pet friendly, granite paving will prove to be one of the most durable paving materials available today.


The natural beauty and consistent colour palette that granite paving provides is one of its main selling points. Our Granite Paving slabs are available in Silver Grey or Black and are expertly manufactured to provide clean straight edges and an homogeneous surface finish, making them an excellent choice for both modern and contemporary garden setting.   

granite paving

Low maintenance

Granite paving is a very dense stone needing very little maintenance apart from regular everyday cleaning, every few months. Use soapy water and a stiff brush or, for tougher stains as well as moss and algae, we recommend using New Clean 60, available from our website, and a pressure washer if necessary. 

Slip resistance

Our Granite paving is finished with a highly textured flamed surface, this makes them extremely slip-resistant and ideal for all outdoor applications. This rough surface makes them safe to walk in all weather conditions, as long as regular maintenance is carried out to remove dirt and debris from the surface of the paving. 

Please ensure that you lay Granite Paving with the Flamed side visible, the flat (smooth) side is completely unfinished and is not a suitable finished surface.

Granite Paving Slabs are available from our branches in Poole Dorset, Portsmouth, Winchester and Tadley in Hampshire and also available to purchase online.

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