Porcelain Paving for Driveways

As the UK Porcelain paving market has matured over recent years, suppliers and contractors have started to push the boundaries of what 20mm Porcelain paving slabs are capable of doing, using them for domestic driveways and on plastic pedestal systems. Here at Natural Stone and Timber we have been monitoring these trends and have been working hard in tandem with our manufacturing partners to source a product that we believe will be more suitable to both pedestal system installation and domestic driveway applications.

Recent developments in porcelain production technology have enabled the manufacturing of thicker and stronger porcelain pavers, such as our 30mm thick porcelain paving slabs. The increased load-bearing capacity of the 30mm paving offer the perfect solution for both light vehicular and high-foot traffic applications, as well as removing the need for steel protection plates from pedestal system installation, which can be a great cost saving.

These heavy-duty commercial porcelain paving slabs offer three times the structural strength of standard 20mm paving but with only a 50% increase in thickness. These Porcelain slabs still offer the same excellent slip and stain resistance, frost resistance and the same superb design options as our standard European 20mm products, but with a much greater resistance to breakage.

Currently these products are available as a special order only, with the minimum order of 100sqm’s but over the coming months we will look to start getting larger volumes of these 30mm products manufactured and we will start to stock a very limited range of these at some of our NST branches.

Please see list of the possible size and colour options for 30mm pavers:

Anthracite 900 x 450 x 30mm

Limestone beige 900 x 450 x 30mm

Carbon 900 x 450 x 30mm

To see the three current colour options please visit our European Porcelain Paving range to view the same products just in our standard 20mm format.

You should expect the cost of these 30mm porcelain to be in the region of £55 – £60 per sqm, depending on the quantity ordered, for more information and accurate pricing on these new products, please use the contact form below:

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