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Pebbles, Cobbles and Boulders explained

Understanding the difference between Pebbles, Cobbles and Boulders can be quite confusing when trying to order the correct product with your supplier, especially when different suppliers use different and sometimes incorrect terminology. In the below section I will explain the different between these items and give some advice on the their successful use within your garden. 

The use of these different names, for what is essentially fragments of stone, milled round by rivers or the sea, is simply used to differentiate the different sizes, as seen below:

4mm to 64mm = Pebbles

64mm to 256mm = Cobbles

larger than 256mm = Boulders

Naturally deposited Pebbles and Cobbles on Cawsand Bay Beech, Cornwall. The best range of different materials I've ever seen, sadly pebbles of this quality are very rare and I have never seen any for sale in the UK.

Using Pebbles / Cobbles in your garden

By far the most common type of pebbles and cobbles available to the landscape trade are Scottish Cobbles, which has been distributed across the whole of the UK for many decades. The Scottish cobbles supplied by Natural Stone and Timber are quarried from a site deep within the forests of Morayshire. These ancient forests grow on land that once formed the pre-historic coast of northern Scotland. These beautiful stones have been fashioned over millions of years by the tireless motion of the Moray Firth and River Spey.

Each cobble is unique, displaying its character through pleasing variations in colour, shape and texture. In a spectrum from sparkling white to jade black, encompassing perfectly smooth spheres through to textured ovoid's.

Scottish pebbles and cobbles are a versatile product and can be used on numerous landscaping applications such as:

Small ornamental streams

Planting areas

Mulch on planting beds

Paths and walkways

Ponds and water features

Decorative flower borders

The benefits of using pebbles and cobbles in your garden are extensive and include the below:

Relatively inexpensive compared to other hard landscaping materials

Reduces maintenance when used on beds and borders 

Improves drainage 

A very versatile product with many different applications

Widely available throughout the UK

Easy Installation for DIY or trade users

Fish Friendly 

Improves drought resistance when used as a mulch on beds and borders

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