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New Porcelain tile ranges now available

Here at Natural Stone and Timber we always try to offer our trade customer and their clients the best possible range of internal and external products, so if your doing a small extension, garden patio or a large scale development, we want our customers to be able to visit us and find everything they need in one place, bring together great value, unrivalled stock levels and beautiful products that always keep up with the times. 

With this in mind we are very pleased to announce the introduction of the start of the porcelain tile range that will sit perfect within our existing range of natural stone tiles. This style of Porcelain Tiles products are not available in a natural stone alternative, so they will enhance and improve our current tile offering. We have started with beautiful artisan Gleeze hand glazed porcelain tiles perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, along with two decorative patterned porcelain tiles under the Ottocento range that are suitable for both walls and floors.

Gleeze hand glazed porcelain tiles - shower

Our Gleeze range of Glazed Porcelain Tiles which currently has three colour options, recalls the ceramic tradition of Hand-craftsmanship and ever-changing materials in which imperfection and defects are an added benefit. Clear shade transitions embellished with dripping rust and iron, irregularities typical of the artisan production process. Strong shading, chipping and relief imperfections give the collection an exclusive look to wrap spaces in a newfound naturalness.

Patterend glazed porcelain tiles

Ottocento is a journey into the Cement Tile decorative tradition. The collection's design originates from the cement tiles which date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when, after the second industrial revolution, the need arose for a hard-wearing, easily installed, attractively decorated product that has great character and works perfectly in both modern and traditional interiors.

This is just the start of the change in our internal tiles and wood flooring ranges with many new products being launched over the coming months, so please keep checking in for more up to date news on our new product ranges.

The new internal products are currently only available to view in our Portsmouth branch but shortly our Poole branches internal display will be updated with the new products. 

Samples of these new Glazed and Patterned Porcelain Tiles are available free from our website. 

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