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Genuine Dutch Clay Pavers

Natural Stone and Timber are proud to offer our customers a selection of Genuine Dutch Clay Pavers, direct from the Netherlands leading manufacturers. 

Dutch Clay Pavers have started to gain traction in the UK landscaping market over recent years, spreading from mainly commercial, civil engineering applications to domestic gardens and driveways more recently. Clay Pavers are set to spread across the whole of the UK Landscaping market in the coming years, offering a high end solution that will add value to your property and truly stand the test of time.

What are Dutch Clay Pavers

Dutch Clay pavers are manufactured from sedimentary clay deposits, found in abundance throughout the Netherland, this completely renewable clay resources is perfect for brick production and can produce a range of attractive coloured pavers.

The clay is pressed into moulds to form the desired shape and then fired in kilns ate temperatures between 1,000 and 1,100 degrees Celsius to give the clay pavers their durability, strength, and colour retention.

The majority of clay pavers that we supply will have a tumbled edge with at least one sanded face that will increase slip resistance and provide a distinctive surface finish, the tumbling happens after the brick have full cooled after firing and can result in chips to all edges. 

Dutch Clay Pavers Aged Brindle

Dutch Clay Pavers can add a true sense of class to any patio, pathway or driveway, these versatile products work in both modern and contemporary settings and can be laid a wide range of patterns. Hard wearing and durable these clay pavers are ideal in high traffic domestic and light commercial settings, with a life expectance over 100 years you can see why Clay Pavers have been used for centuries across Europe.

Aran Dutch Clay Pavers

Clay Pavers have be used throughout the whole of the Netherlands for centuries and can be recycled time and time again, creating a truly sustainable product fit for modern times. Instead of just being sent to be crushed into sub-base materials.

Benefits and Features

  • Clay pavers offer an authentic, warm aesthetic suitable for both commercial and domestic settings.  
    • Clay pavers are extremely sustainable and can be reused many times. 
    • The versatility and ease of use offered by Dutch clay pavers, has made them the most popular paving material in the Netherlands and have been used continuously for centuries.
    • Clay Pavers are hardwearing and durable, with an expected life span of well over 100 years
    • Simple installation methods, Clay pavers can be installed in the same way as traditional concrete block paving, with the only difference is that a 2mm joint needs to be allowed between each block.

    Natural Stone and Timber is also able to supply all of the necessary construction aggregates for the sub-base for your clay paving projects, supply everything direct to site on one of our loose tipper trucks across the whole of Southern England. We also have an excellent range of Loose decorative aggregates that will complement our full range of paving materials.

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