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Difference between setts and cobbles ?

In this very brief article I would like to clarify the difference between setts and cobbles, these terms are often confused and a little more clarification might just help ensure the correct products are ordered, and any possible disappointment is avoided.


Setts are square or rectangular quarried stones most commonly made from Granite or Limestone that are cropped / cut into sizes ranging from 100mm to 300mm in depth and width, these have been used in a vast range of paving installation for centuries. We supply these products  in a range of colour and different materials, with the most popular being the silver Grey Granite Setts in a range of sizes.

Image above shows granite setts in 100 x 100mm size

Granite setts used for pavement in historic Burton in the Cotswolds


Cobbles are quite often used to refer for something that is actually a sett, but the word cobble derives from the word cob which means a rounded lump. Cobbles and setts are both used traditionally in road construction, which could be where the confusion may arise, but the main difference is that setts are square and cobbles are round.

Image above shows a Cobbled Street quite different to setts

Something a bit different

The below image shows something that looks somewhere between setts and cobbles, but in truth these are just roughly cut setts, they have just tried to make them as square as possible, but used everything to reduce waste and to save on costs, but it does result in a superb rustic finish that with some skill could be replicated in a domestic setting. 

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