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In this Section we aim to cover the most important topics currently affecting our customers from the landscaping, tiling and general building trades. Along with promoting some new exciting products ranges that hopefully will be of interest to our customers. If there is every anything you would like us to cover in this section please just contact us on the below link, and use the heading MORE NEWS PLEASE.

why choose granite paving

Introduction Granite paving has become one of our best selling paving slabs currently available in the UK market and in the below article we would like to give you some idea why this has become the case. For centuries people have been us...

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Difference between setts and cobbles ?

In this very brief article I would like to clarify the difference between setts and cobbles, these terms are often confused and a little more clarification might just help ensure the correct products are ordered, and any possible disappointme...

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Plastics in the Environment

Introduction In days gone by, the materials used in the landscaping industry were completely degradable or recyclable, but for some unknown reason the landscaping industry seems to be heading towards a much less sustainable future. The introductio...

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Limestone Paving vs Sandstone paving

Introduction In this section we are going to look at the different characteristics of both sandstone and limestone paving and their suitability as a paving material in the UK climate. It will hopefully allow our customer to make an informed choice...

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What is the best pointing product ?

Introduction Over recent years there has been the development of different products that offer an alternative to the traditional mortar pointing. These products promise to offer the same long lasting results but without the back breaking labo...

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Reflective Staining on paving slabs

Introduction Reflective staining is a phenomenon most commonly seen on Natural Stone Paving materials, but can also be seen occasionally with man made concrete paving slabs. When these slabs are incorrectly laid on spots, dabs (5 spot me...

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Removing mortar stains from natural stone paving

Introduction The problem with contractors leaving mortar stains to dry on natural stone paving slabs, is one that for some reason continues to happen. This is basically down to poor installation, any mortar residue left on the slabs should be clea...

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Rust stains on natural stone

Introduction There are many reasons rust stains can appear on paving materials, some are easily fixed and some can prove very difficult to resolve, below we are going to try to tackle the most common problems we have encounter over the years. If y...

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Archiproducts Design Awards winner - Gleeze Porcelain Tiles

November ends with some great news for architecture and design enthusiasts. An international jury of key figures on the architecture, interior design and contemporary design scene has drawn up the list of winners of the exclusive Archiproducts Des...

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Pros and Cons of Porcelain Paving

PROS OF PORCELAIN PAVING Hard-wearing The most  important features of porcelain is its durability, all our Porcelain paving products are made for specially selected high quality clays and additives – kiln fired to temper...

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Canadian Oak Sleepers - buyers guide

Introduction It is very important to understand a few things about Oak Sleepers before making a purchase. There are a lots of inferior products available on the market that will not result is a satisfactory end product. In this article I want...

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New Porcelain tile ranges now available

Here at Natural Stone and Timber we always try to offer our trade customer and their clients the best possible range of internal and external products, so if your doing a small extension, garden patio or a large scale development, we want our cust...

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Efflorescence a guide for professionals

Introduction As landscape professionals, we've all seen efflorescence many times before and understand that it's only a temporary inconvenience, but to the inexperienced home owner that has just made a big investment into the patio paving sla...

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Removing Grout Haze from Porcelain Paving

It is extremely important when trying to remove grout haze from your patio that the surface of the paving is acid resistant such as ceramic tiles, porcelain, brick, clay and quarry tiles. Never use grout haze removers on natural stone pa...

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Outlook for the landscape industry 2022

Outlook for 2022 Well 2021 has been an interesting year, maintaining stock levels has been extremely difficult and increases in raw material prices and the huge increase in shipping costs worldwide has seen prices of all construction material...

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Why Porcelain Paving Is The Right Choice For Your Garden Slabs

This is the second of our series of blogs on Porcelain Paving, I would like to clear up some of the common misconceptions of purchasing porcelain paving slabs. I think the best way to help potential customers have a better unde...

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How Porcelain Paving is Manufactured

BACKGROUND  External grade Porcelain Paving Slabs have been gaining popularity throughout the European market over the last decade, with porcelain become the paving of choice throughout the whole continent. The increase in popularity of porce...

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