Sandstone Quality

There are a few things that you will need to look into when selecting what paving you are going to use, it is an important decision and one that can be very costly to rectify if done badly, or with poor materials. With Sandstone Paving there is a lot to look out for, from quality issues to colour, and with the huge selection available nowadays the most important thing is that you are happy with the finished product, but it is the decisions you make now that will determine whether that is an easy process or not.

One of the major factors when choosing paving is quality of finish, and with the massive amount being produced in India there are good and bad products spread throughout the whole industry. As a general rule Sandstone is quarried and then graded by colour and quality, most of the paler colours of Sandstone are softer than the darker shades, which has an effect on how riven the surface of the slabs will be, as each slab is split to thickness and then chiselled down to size. During the process of splitting, the thickness of each slab is determined, this is something that some quarries will then grade as well, which is where having a good relationship with your supplier can really make a difference, as the quality of stone you get really comes down to who’s custom they value the highest.

Another thing to look out for is colour consistency, or inconsistency as is generally the case! Sandstone is a naturally Multi-coloured material, which to many is its main point of appeal, with colours varying from creamy off whites to greys and even black at the other end. Most people will expect or even want a degree of colour fluctuation and as before this is something that is graded in the quarries, so the colours should have subtle changes in each individual range keeping to an overall theme for each colour band.

We work very hard with our suppliers to ensure that our Indian Sandstone Paving is the best it can be, and we’re confident that this is represented through our products’ consistency and quality, why not pop in and see for yourself, or request a sample when thinking about your next project.