Required Items

When installing natural stone tiles it is always a good idea to have the tools you will require to hand and at your disposal. 
This will save time and wasted journeys when stopping and going to get items you don't already have. We have all sacrificed a kitchen cloth or two when tiling, but to make things a little easier we have compiled a brief list which will cover some of the essential items before you start.

  1. Mixing Bucket (new style flexi buckets are ideal, particularly when removing dried adhesive and grout)
  2. Adhesive Spreader/Trowel - preferably notched
  3. Grout Spreader
  4. Grout Sponge or Similar
  5. Drill with Mixing Paddle or Similar - the best way to achieve a smooth, consistent mixture
  6. Source of Clean Water and Place to Dispose of Dirty Water
  7. Sealant and Applicator (rag, brush or roller)
  8. Safety Equipment - for protection against solvents and chemicals from sealant
  9. Tile Cutter (for Natural Stone it is always best to use a diamond blade and to cut the tiles wet)
  10. Safety Equipment - for protecting against dust and uncovered blades/sharp edges when cutting
  11. Tiles Spacers
  12. Tape Measure
  13. Spirit or Laser Level
  14. Pencil
  15. Stanley Knife

Of course not forgetting your tiles, adhesive, grout and sealant!