Maintaining Your Tiles

Travertine and natural stone :-
Despite common misconceptions, travertine is one of the easier products to care for, long term it has proven to be a hardy and durable material for almost any application. Used often in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, the most important thing that can be done is for it to be sealed. The sealant used will make a massive difference to your tiles, from colour enhancement to gloss finishes there is a huge choice and a range of possibilities.

We always recommend using a high quality sealant, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for and with sealant there is no exception to this, using a high quality sealant will save you money in the long term, with less frequent re-seals and a higher resistance to stains it is really worth spending some money on a quality product. We recommend Universeal sealants and cleaners due to their supremely long life and excellent formulation, there are cheaper products out there which we could easily stock and sell at much lower prices but we believe in quality and Universeal sealants deliver time and time again.

Travertine should be sealed during its installation, and generally once before and once after grouting to seal the grout as well. This will hugely improve the lifespan of the surface finish of any natural stone giving it long lasting protection against oil and water based stains, and depending on the type of sealant, can offer protection for up to 20 years, assuming its correctly maintained and cleaned with suitable natural stone cleaners you will have a beautiful and low maintenance tiled area for years to come.

When cleaning Travertine and other types of natural stone such as marble, limestone and granite it is important to use the right type of cleaners, often available as concentrated solutions that are diluted with warm water, not unlike typical floor cleaners, the are quite widely available nowadays as natural stone has become increasingly popular. The reason it is so important to use these Ph neutral cleaners is because of the nature of the stone to be cleaned. Most natural stone will react badly with anything acidic as stone such as travertine and limestone is alkali and the reaction with the tile can basically cause it to slowly start to disintegrate. Most Specific

Natural stone cleaning products are available online and increasingly in supermarkets now also. We recommend that you use the same branded sealants and cleaners together as they are generally formulated to work with each other and maintain the life of the sealant and therefore the stone itself.

We are more than happy to advise on the correct type of sealants and associated cleaning products to suit whatever you specific requirements, and as each application is different we recommend you take a few moments to browse the options available to you. Please visit the sealant and cleaners section of our website. Or to talk to one of our helpful staff Contact Us...