Maintaining Your Patio

There are several ways to maintain your patio, and a few simple things will keep it looking its best year after year.

The simplest way, yet probably the most laborious, is to use a high pressure water cleaner, or jet-wash, to blast off any dirt or debris. This can be done as often as is necessary as unlike cleaning a concrete or man-made patio; the colour will never ‘wash out’ of a slab made from a natural stone. This is, however the most punishing way of cleaning a patio and one that can damage the pointing after time. We do recommend that you jet-wash your patio yearly though, as it is the most thorough way of ensuring all dirt build up is removed, and done yearly will not do damage long term.

Another effective way of keeping your patio clean is to use a patio sealant; these impregnate the stone and reduce any mould and algae build up developing on the surface of the slabs making cleaning much easier, and a simple case of hosing down the area and then scrubbing with a stiff brush. This is the simplest way of keeping a patio clean with minimal long term effects, protecting against water and oil based staining. This is particularly common in eating/drinking areas such as barbeques, and outside seating. Sealants vary in price from cheap and cheerful to top end heavy commercial products, one that we are confident about is a new range by Universeal called HydroSeal, which is water based and will not change the appearance of the paving at all. It is an environmentally friendly product and offers a good degree of longevity, with re-applications only required every 5 years, it is also UV resistant, so will not yellow over time.

There are advantages in both of these methods, but it is worth considering the strength of the pointing if you will be jet-washing, it needs to be a strong mix when first done to withstand the high pressure of water. It is also worth thinking about the environment of your patio, north facing gardens, or those with overhanging trees or plants will naturally gather more mould and algae, something which a sealed patio will provide the most protection against.

If you need any advice please contact a member of staff, on 023 9265 2923, who will be happy to advise you on any of our products.