Laying Your Paving

The main method of laying Natural stone paving products is to individually bed each slab into a full mortar bed. This is mainly because of the variation of thickness of natural stone products. The five spot method is not really advisable as it allows water to sit under paving which can expand in cold conditions lifting the slabs. Thish also makes it harder to point the paving successfully, due to the large voids under the slabs.
The mortar bed is usually made up of six parts soft sand and one part cement but an alternative method would be to use six parts Washed Grit (Sharp Sand) to one part cement. This mix will provide a stronger foundation, but is slightly harder to work for your paving but either method will do a good job.

The best method for mixing mortar is to use an electric or petrol mixer, this will save a great deal of time and they are inexpensive to hire at about £25 per week. The best way to use a mixer is to firstly put half the mix into the mixer then add water, let it mix thoroughly and then add the second half. You would normally get 12 shovels full of grit / sharp sand and two of cement into the standard mixer. Be very careful that shovels of grit and the cement are the same size to keep the mix consistent and strong.