Fixing Tiles

The first tile you place will be the most important and will be the reference for all other tiles laid, you should allow approx 2mm for adhesive and start at least 5mm from any corners or edges (floor or wall) this is to allow for movement which can cause cracking.

Mix an amount of adhesive that you think will be manageable, to the manufacturers guidelines, and begin tiling:
  • Start by spreading adhesive over an are slightly larger than the tile being laid with a notched trowel
  • Put a light skim of adhesive over the back of the tile and check the tile for any pits or holes and fill these with adhesive
  • Lay the tile down and gently press it into position, giving it a slight twist to bed it in securely and to create a full contact across the whole of the tile
  • Check the tile is where you want it and ease it into the correct place if not
  • Insert spacers where necessary and repeat this process until you have reached a point where full tiles can no longer fit and cutting is required

Once a point has been reached where cutting is required it is a good idea to clean away any excess adhesive away from untiled areas and from the surface of any tiles if you are planning on stopping tiling at any point