Once sealed, you can begin grouting; always follow each manufacturer’s instructions on mixing grouts to achieve the correct consistency and quality.
  • Mix roughly the correct amount of grout to cover the area needed, you can always mix more if you are short
  • Apply grout directly onto the joints and work it into them filling the whole of the joint.
  • On unfilled tiles grout over (if required) the whole surface of the tile to fill any surface holes
  • Remove excess grout as you go and work your way around the room remembering your starting point as this will be the first part for the next stage
Allow 10-15 minutes for the grout to begin to dry and then begin cleaning the grout off starting from the area you grouted first and working around in the same direction

  • When cleaning off the grout always change your cleaning water regularly and keep your sponge clean as much as possible
  • Continue to clean and wipe away grout until there is as little as possible on the surface of the tiles
  • Allow to thoroughly dry and then remove haze with clean water and a sponge using as little water as possible, finally going over with a clean dry cloth
Just prior to sealing again, go over with a dry cloth and hoover up any grout particles until the tiles feel smooth and clean.