Cutting Natural Stone

Most natural stone paving projects will involve some amount of cutting. The best way to undertake this is to use a petrol or electric cut off saw or angle grinder. These machines used in conjunction with a diamond tipped cutting blade will make any necessary cuts through Indian sandstone, limestone, slate or travertine paving reasonably easily.

All cuts must be carried out on a firm flat surface. You should ensure your tools are serviced correctly, you are wearing all recommended personal protective equipment, you are fully trained on the equipment you are using and you have fully read and understood the manual. If you are in any doubt as to the safe operation of your tools seek professional advice before commencing your project.

If you are looking keep the hand dressed finish to your natural stone paving, the best way is to turn the paving upside down and cut into the back surface stopping approximately 5-8mm away from the finished surface of the paving. Then place the cut over a solid straight edge material such as a wooden block and break the slab along the cut. This can be tidied with a hammer along the cut edge.