Cutting Tiles and Use of Borders

When cutting tiles for in-fills it is a good idea to number each space where a cut tile will go so that all the tiles can be cut simultaneously and then laid in order easily.

When cutting Travertine it is best to use a diamond blade and preferably a wet cut where possible to reduce the amount of dust produced.

Always follow specific guidelines on cutting tools and use the correct safety glasses and a dust mask, and where applicable, use ear defenders.Once the cuts have been made clean the pieces off from any dust or debris and where applicable allow them to dry before fixing them as above.

Once all tiles are laid, remove any excess adhesive and thoroughly clean the tiles (it is recommended that a natural stone cleaner is used for this).

Allow the tiles time to dry thoroughly.

This is the time to apply any mastic or silicone to any edges where required, it should be done before sealing to ensure correct bonding to the tiles, and always use silicone or mastic designed to be used with natural stone tiles.