Natural Stone and Timber

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Artistic Garden Flooring from Our Natural Store

- Friday, December 28, 2012

If you’re less than green-fingered, making style statements in the garden probably comes down to ornaments, clever layout and decorative aggregates more than it does germinating the sweet peas in the airing cupboard! ... Click for More

Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

- Friday, December 28, 2012

It’s no real surprise that consumers place such great emphasis on gardens when they are looking for properties. They can provide children with a space to run around and burn off their seemingly endless energy and they are great for people who want to be able to enjoy some fresh air and relaxation in their own little piece of the outdoors. ... Click for More

Using Marble Tiles To Great Effect

- Friday, December 28, 2012

Marble tiles are always a great marker of class. They instantly give any building a facelift and look especially great in commercial areas where a level of opulence and elegance is required. This doesn’t mean that you must foot a huge bill because at Natural Stone & Timber, we deal directly with the suppliers of quality marbles from all over the world. This means that we don’t have to pay any middlemen or dealers to get our resources, which in turn allows us to keep prices down. Out marble is typically for use internally and looks great in hotel reception areas, gyms, swimming pools public buildings, not to mention domestic properties in kitchens and bathrooms. Our prices are however what could tempt you into going for the natural beauty of marble. At around £35 per square metre you can very quickly and cost effectively create an area that looks like it cost many orders of magnitude more. ... Click for More