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How decked areas can help weather proof your garden

- Friday, December 28, 2012

You might spend much of the year looking forward to the summer months, when at least in theory you can get out and enjoy your garden. These days, there are plenty of fabulous products on the market that can help you ensure your outdoor area looks great.

The trouble is, despite your best efforts to ready your garden for the warmer weather, you can’t control the weather. Let’s face it, this summer’s not be the best so far and unless your garden’s been suitably weather-proofed, you might not have been able to spend much time in the fresh air. This is where superb garden decking and related accessories come into their own. By making use of these products, you can create an area that is at least partly protected from the elements, meaning you don’t have to dash in whenever the heavens open.

A stormy start

If you were among the many people hoping for a balmy start to this year’s summer, you may have been sorely disappointed. Indeed, the weather that struck the country in June led to claims that Britain was in the grip of a ‘European monsoon’.

Some areas were flooded and high winds battered trees and properties. The phenomenon is known as the ‘Return of the Westerlies’ because it brings weather more typically associated with winter to the British Isles after an easing of winds between April and May.

Expert opinion

Commenting on the downpours witnessed last month, BBC weather forecaster Laura Gilchrist said: “This weather would not be unusual in October or November, but as it’s coming in June when the trees are more in leaf and people are carrying out more outdoor activities, so there’s more risk of disruption than at other times of the year.”

How we can help

Here at Natural Stone & Timber we know that summer weather can be far from settled, but we’re also aware that consumers want to make full use of their outdoor areas. Using our timber decking, newel posts and balustrades, you can create a semi-enclosed exterior area that’s perfect for alfresco dining and entertaining. These spaces are also ideal if you just fancy sitting down and reading a book in comfort or relaxing while listening to music.

Of course, you can also invest in protective covering for these areas, such as umbrellas that can be extended if and when needed.

Peace of mind

Having a sheltered and stylish area like this in your garden can really help you relax and enjoy your outdoor space. You won’t have to view those telltale clouds on the horizon with the same level of dread. Unless conditions get really bad, you should be able to finish your meal, carry on with your party and so on in comfort.

To see our full range of products, including our oak flooring and so on, just take a look around the rest of our website. You might be pleasantly surprised by the low prices attached to our products and with the help of our decking and other items, you may be able to make much better use of your garden.