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The Many Benefits of Garden Decking

- Friday, December 28, 2012

Although we may not get much of a summer here in the UK, we certainly like to spend as much time as we can outdoors. Indeed, it only needs the clouds to disperse and the thermometer to go up a couple of notches for us to strip off and fire up the barbeque in the garden.

Of course, there are few things that are as pleasurable and enjoyable as sitting out in your garden when the weather is fine. Whether it is with the company of family and friends or a glass of wine and a good book, relaxing on the patio as the Sun shines lazily overhead is always a very welcome treat.

Garden decking can be a very welcome addition to your garden in this respect as it can provide a number of unique benefits. Indeed, as well as being affordable, durable, sustainable and low maintenance, decking is also:

Aesthetically pleasing

Being a natural material, wood looks like it ‘belongs’ in outdoor spaces far more than any other material. To be sure, decking can make any garden look attractive as it is by nature an aesthetically welcome addition to an outdoor space. Moreover, wood not only looks amazing; it also feels great too. Indeed, whilst the soothing, natural feel of natural timber underneath your feet is always something of a treat, it can feel especially magical on a hot summer’s day!


Decking can be a particularly good addition if you have a rough or sloping garden. In fact, it may be your only option as no other material can level a large sloping area or cover an unsightly tarmac yard as quickly or as inexpensively as timber decking. This wonderfully versatile solution can also be used to great effect on roof gardens as the easy to assemble wooden boards can quickly create welcoming spaces high above ground level.

Great long-term investments

Another great aspect of wooden decking is that it becomes even more beautiful as it ages. Over time, hardwoods typically acquire a silvery-grey hue that blends effortlessly in with outdoor surroundings. Softer woods also age gracefully although they often need the assistance of stains and finishes to achieve their full potential.

We here at Natural Stone and Timber are one of the UK’s leading importers of natural wood products and as such we know a thing or two about high-quality decking. Indeed, we are able to provide our customers with outstanding quality and value as we maintain very close working relationships with some of the finest timber suppliers in the world. As a consequence we are able to offer an extensive range of hardwood decking, softwood decking and oak flooring that is beautiful, practical and affordable.

To find out more about the benefits of having wooden decking in your garden or view our extensive range of high-quality products in greater detail; either take some time to explore our pages further or instead speak to one of our dedicated customer advisors by calling 02392 652923.