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The Appeal of Oak Wood Flooring

- Friday, December 28, 2012

Oak is an incredibly attractive and popular timber that is native to Britain. oak trees are very tall, strong and impressive and can reach impressive heights of around 70 to 100 feet in optimum conditions. There are hundreds of species of oak, some of which are deciduous and evergreen. The acorns which oaks produce take between six and 18 months to mature, however the trees themselves can take hundreds of years to develop fully.

Because of its attractive nature and durability, oak has long been a very sought after building material. Indeed, it has been used to build everything from barrels for wine, sherry, brandy and whisky to ocean going vessels for round-the-world voyages. Of course, oak is still a much desired wood and as such it is consistently used for a wide range of domestic applications.

However, whilst oak can be used to create a wide range of indoor (and outdoor) furniture pieces such as new oak sleepers, it is perhaps flooring which is the most popular domestic application of all. To be sure, oak is a great choice for domestic floors as it can provide a home with a beautiful rustic charm as well unrivalled durability.

When it comes to oak flooring, there are generally two variants to choose from: solid oak and engineered oak.

Solid oak wood flooring

Solid oak wood flooring is oak all the way through and therefore it has a beauty, strength and style all of its own. Flooring planks are available in finishes, widths and shades that vary from very dark to pale white. In addition, oak floors can also come with either very few natural markings or a range of bands, lines and knots. Solid oak wood floors can be finished with either bevelled edges (to give the floor a pronounced look) or flat edges (to create a smooth veneer), both of which look absolutely stunning.

Engineered oak wood flooring

Engineered oak wood flooring comprises several wood layers which are stuck to one another by way of high pressure processes. This innovative construction method helps to create a wooden flooring solution which offers the same aesthetic appeal as solid wood yet boasts higher degrees of strength and durability. Another advantage of engineered oak floors is that, unlike solid wood floors, they do not shrink or expand when the humidity within a room changes. Indeed, oak engineered flooring is so successful in this respect that it can often be used to great effect in rooms where moisture is prevalent such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Natural Stone & Timber

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