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Novel Uses Of Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

- Friday, December 28, 2012

Being creative with the raw materials that you get from Natural Stone & Timber is easy considering what we have on offer. Slate tiles are very easy to work with if you are wanting to create a zone that really expresses your individuality. They have a truly distinctive look that sets them apart from other materials and paving made out of this naturally mined substance can add something different. There is no rule anywhere that states you must use conventional materials in conventional ways and combinations of different materials can really make for a unique environment that stands out, but it all must benefit from careful planning. Understanding the tones you want to create in a specific area will be all important and for this you will need to get some samples. We sell samples which can allow you to put different materials together in an effort to see how well they work. As far as slate goes, we have black slate for a classic and elegant look, ocean green slate for a more varied, coloured look and rusty slate for that worn effect that expresses age and maturity.

If you are working on your garden you might think about a different approach to creating your zone. Reclaimed railway sleepers are one such resource that can be combined with slate very effectively to create a retro look that has the novelty of being rather rare. Reclaimed sleepers from railways have an aged look that you can’t buy from new, not to mention the history that this wood will naturally have. It evokes an era of steam power that also was associated with slate tiles, so in a way it makes sense to put the two together. Reclaimed wood like this can have a mottled appearance as well as being visibly darker and worn. If you are looking to create a genuine rustic effect with traditional materials, then reclaimed sleepers like this are the way to go. Their weathered appearance is most commonly used for commercial and landscaping purposes, but they can be used for any application really.

Rusty slate paved area will go well with some aged railway sleepers that can be used to border the area. Alternatively, the sleepers can be used to create a wall that neatly partitions a patio area that leads to the garden. The sleepers can also be used as the actual steps down themselves, although it is always important to realise that wood like this can become slippery.

We also have treated softwood sleepers. that can find use in a multitude of different scenarios. They can even be used to create a path that winds through your garden. These can provide something a little different from the traditional paving stone pathways that you would expect to find. They can also be very sturdy too providing ample room to walk or move wheelbarrows along. We also have new untreated oak which can give you that raw wooden look. These are good for framing flower beds.