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Creating Indian Sandstone Areas

- Friday, December 28, 2012

India’s huge reserves of sandstone make it the perfect place to acquire commercial sandstone from. At Natural Stone & Timber we strive to ensure that both our trade and public customers have the best stone that the world has to offer. Indian sandstone paving is some of the most distinct because of its colouring and high quality. As with any purchase of paving, it is absolutely vital that you get a stone that is not going to start to crumble, collect moss easily or warp over time. Warping can be affected by significantly by the build quality and the land beneath, but the stones themselves should remain hard wearing and robust. We believe that your patio should be there to be enjoyed for countless years about, not worried over. Our lightly riven Indian sandstone is fantastic for any job including patios, paths and even as driveways. As you would expect from a natural product, the variation of colouring is pleasing to the eye, when viewed in dry or wet conditions. Because of this they are also suited to houses that are made of a variety of different materials including brick and stone. It also works particularly well when used as a path through a garden, being easy to clean of soil and other debris that will typically fall onto them.

These flags are available in thicknesses of between 25-35 millimetres, although there is always some natural variation. Perhaps the most recognisable of the Indian sandstones is the Raj green. Despite its name, it comes in colours that range from the recognisable washed out green to auburn. This can add a spectrum of colours that are adaptable to almost any environment, which means you can really go to town when being creative with your working space. Cordoning off an area that uses Indian sandstone with fences and gravel boards is a great idea. The gravel board is used to protect the fence panel from touching the ground, thereby reducing the probability of rot. Creating a particular zone like this can afford you some privacy from neighbours or provide an effective shield against wind.

Commercial areas also benefit from Indian sandstone, particularly if you are wanting to create an inviting an aesthetically pleasing entryway to your business. Alternatively, it could be used more creatively to offer employees the chance to spend some time outside which can add variety and joy to their working routine. At around £15 + per metre squared, Indian sandstone is not only an exceptional visual choice but also a great budgetary one. No matter what you want to design, at Natural Stone & Timber we are here to help. We stock all of the products mentioned in this article including sealant. This solvent free water based solution is designed to impregnates the surface of the stone in order to provide protection against stains from water and oil. If you are using your pacing for cars to park on, this can be the product you need for full protection.