Natural Stone and Timber

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Different Stone And Timber Options

- Friday, December 28, 2012

Travertine tiles are relatively new to the scene when it comes to paving, but its style and class is beyond doubt. With a marble-esque finish that is reminiscent of Roman bathhouses, it is becoming a more and more popular choice for outside settings where a different and new look is required. With its inimitable patternation that can renovate your entire garden its character can add a modern twist to what would otherwise be a very immediate and obvious affair. We carry options that have come straight from quarries in Turkey available in different sizing options at 30mm thick.

Slate tiles are a deceptively classy option that exude character and durability. These are great for a darker look that might contrast with lighter brickwork on your patio. Our slate paving tiles are available at a thickness of 25mm and we make sure that its thickness is proven for the best look and reliability. Slate stands up well to the elements and can maintain its distinctive colouring over a long period of time. We also offer it at a thinner thickness of 12mm for more internal applications.

Oak flooring is a classic option that can breed a feeling of class. It is one of the most traditional options for kitchens and large open living areas because it is notoriously easy to clean as well as being very hygienic. If you are looking for natural timber and stonework, then our options can prove to be both affordable and a fantastic option that will last for countless years.