Natural Stone and Timber

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Artistic Garden Flooring from Our Natural Store

- Friday, December 28, 2012

If you’re less than green-fingered, making style statements in the garden probably comes down to ornaments, clever layout and decorative aggregates more than it does germinating the sweet peas in the airing cupboard!

For those amongst us who prefer their garden on the low maintenance side, creating a stylish outdoor space sans-plants can be easier than you might think. We love to use all the textures in our palette to develop superb natural environments and stunning artistic displays.


The brilliant grey of slate tiles set against the lavish browns of old reclaimed timber railway sleepers – there are plenty of tones out there to bring your outdoor space to life with the minimum of foliage.

Lawn and Texture

The vibrancy of a bit of lawn partnered with something like slate chippings or aggregate can easily create a bunch of different looks. Keep your lawn manicured and angular for the modern minimalist garden, or take things in less formal direction by laying segments of bordered lawn to create a pattern or image amongst harder areas.


Varying the levels throughout your garden can add fabulous artistic licence for very little effort. Steps or platform decking areas are a real style favourite with us - simple, easy to maintain and brilliant for bringing variation to dull or very neat spaces.


We’re huge fans of perennials and evergreens! Invest the time to plant out some great self-policing greenery that’ll pretty much require almost no attention from the day it’s planted.